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The coolest thing that I learned [from the XOXO event] was how powerful it can be to simply trust and believe in yourself. When you are surrounded by such supportive women, everyone boosts each other’s confidence, which helps us to reach a much higher potential, not only in the water, but also in our personal lives. Another important thing that I learned is how your passions should shape the activities in your life. No matter what your level of expertise is, you shouldn’t quit unless you no longer enjoy it. Put energy into what you love, and the rest will follow!
— Sophia Domingo, age 17
I love these Maui Women’s Surfing Retreats and look forward to them every time Kelly has one. They inspire me. I love being surrounded by such amazing women! Kelly is a great teacher & so supportive. Thanks Kelly for being so awesome!
— Courtney Avichouser
There is such a different energy when you are surfing with just women, everyone is so supportive and enthusiastic, the women’s retreats are bonding experiences that you’ll remember forever!
— Liz Smith
The pro surfers who helped [at the XOXO event] were all so cool & friendly. We love that they surfed with us, hung out with us, friended us on Instagram & were just normal, chill girls. They are great role models for sure that we can actually talk to, not just poster girls.
— The Talavs sisters: Hannah - 15, Isabella - 13, Amelia - 11, Hadley - 9