Kelly Potts

Kelly Potts has been an avid athlete since the young age of four. Coming from the phenomenal athletic programs Texas provided as a youth, Kelly was dismayed to discover the sporting programs in Hawaii public schools did not possess the same benefits when she moved to Maui her sophomore year of high school. Where Kelly was ready to advance to college level volleyball, some of her teammates were just starting with the basics. 

Knowing that her dreams to gain a college athlete scholarship were no longer tangible, Kelly decided to pursue the individual sport of surfing, which, to her surprise spawned her lifelong career. 

Through her 13 years as a professional surfer, Kelly surf coached for Maui Surfer Girls' all teenage girls surf camp and surf school, where she observed that the participation rate of local girls in surfing was extraordinarily low. Thus inspired her desire to reach out to young girls in her local community and provide them the opportunity to learn how to surf with free surf coaching clinics and programs.

For the past four years Kelly Potts has fulfilled her passion to give back to her community with her coaching expertise, while witnessing the benefits of surfing directly impact the young women she mentors to in a powerfully positive way.

Kelly's Giving Back Programs

Kelly Clinics: 1st Sundays - With a new Surfing Skill each Month

Maui Women Surfing Retreats - near the Solstices and Equinoxes

XOXO Beach Festival